Soda Springs Police Department

Soda Springs Police Department
Our mission is to detect and prevent crime.  We do this best when we work cooperatively with the citizens of Soda Springs.  We rely on our citizens everyday  as valuable witnesses, to provide us with information about the crimes we investigate.  Below are a few suggestions of what to do if you witness or suspect a crime has, is, or will be committed.


Detecting Crime

The Police Department investigates all sorts of crimes.  Some of these are:

Crimes Against Persons:
Battery, Weapons Offenses, Sex Offenses, Robbery, Homicide, etc.

Crimes against Property:
Vandalism, Fraud, Theft, Burglary, etc.

Traffic Offenses:
DUI, Reckless and Inattentive Driving, etc.

Other Offenses:
Suspicious Persons, Animal Complaints, and more.


Make Observations

Get as much information for the Police as possible!  Important information includes:

Who (suspect(s) Identity, victim(s) Identity, additional witnesses)

What (What happened? What crime(s) were committed?)

When (When did the crime(s) take place?)

Where (Where did the crime(s) happen?)

How (How did the suspect commit the crime(s)?)

The more information you can give to the Police, the better chances we have of solving the case.

Additional helpful information includes:

Vehicle Description and License Plate #

If the vehicle leaves, which way did they go?

Background information you know about the crime or people involved.

Report It

If you think you have knowledge of criminal activity, you need to report it.  You can contact the Soda Springs Police in one of several ways provided below:

Crimes In Progress:
Other Crimes:
             Caribou County Sheriff's Dispatch
             (208) 547-2561
Soda Springs Police (MON-FRI 8AM - 5PM)
          (208) 547-3213

You can also submit confidential tips to an officer in person, or through the tip line.  You will find that information on the "Crime Prevention" tab.


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