Ski Trail Conditions

January 10th, 2019
Ginzo groomed all the trails this morning there are still areas with drifts, but at least they are rounded off. Groomed a cut off trail to miss the ice on the west side of the ditch by the ball diamonds did not put out wands so hopefully you can see where I cut off. Most of the trails are in fair to good shape, I plan to groom again Saturday. - Jack
January 14th, 2019

Ginzo groomed all the trails this morning, it’s windy again and cold out there but skiers said good skiing. Still need to bypass the icy stretch on the lower trails west of the ball diamonds, the water tower hill is groomed but hard and slick so may want to go around or up rather than down if you’re not confident. - Jack

February 1st, 2019
Groomed all the trails this morning, there was/is heavy drifting occurring on the exposed sections of the upper trails. Also the lower pond is overflowing and may melt out the ski trail south of the pond, not sure what is causing it, the overflows do not look plugged I suspect maybe a muskrat tunnel but not sure. If it continues we will have to re-route the trail through the ball diamonds. I would recommend walking over to check it before committing with the machine and groomer for awhile. The factory recommended repair to the groomer knives didn’t pan out as well as I’d hoped, I’ll talk to him again next week. Other than that the trails groomed pretty well. Depending on the weather I may roll or groom the trails Sunday. - Jack  

February 9th, 2019 
Mike has been packing/grooming trails all week long, he and Roger have also been clearing limbs and brush that the heavy snow laid onto the trail as well as repairing equipment, but the wind is just to strong this morning. Mike groomed a portion of the upper trails but we’re going to have to wait until the wind subsides before we  try again. - Jack

February 11th, 2019
Got a break from the wind this morning and Roger got most of the trails rolled.  The bottom trails and the sheltered upper trails are in good shape the exposed trails are still rough from drifting. Weather forecast predicting heavy snow, Roger plans to pack the trails with the machine but not grooming until Friday. - Jack

February 19th, 2019
Ginzo groomed all the trails this morning. I knew the wind had been blowing yesterday, but was surprised by the drifting on the upper trails! May still be some rough areas from the drifting but the trails are in good shape overall. I plan to groom again Thursday. - Jack