Ski Trail Conditions

March 16, 2018
Looks like ski season is over at Kelly Park, the upper pond is overflowing flooding and washing away parts of the trail. We’ll have to watch it for awhile and assess the damage then make plans for repairs. We’ll see how things look for next season. Probably need to warn people walking and biking out there, there is at least one potentially dangerous wash out and several flooded spots. Kind of another strange year but we did get some good skiing and quite a lot of participation.


March 5, 2018
Well we finally got some snow right! Roger and I packed the trails with the machines yesterday, went back over them today, then made one pass with the roller. We could not get the east side of the spring loop, the snow laid down a lot of brush in there again so we bypassed it. We may try to clear it later this week. The trails are kind of rough from build up on the roller but are better than skiing knee deep snow:) Be careful if you groom, the trails are narrow, and soft and deep on the sides. Also remember don’t try to go around the east side of the spring loop. We better enjoy the snow while we have it, it’s getting late in the season.

January 28, 2018
Ginzo groomed the upper trails this morning they are in good shape. By the time I got to the lower trails the temperature had warmed to the point that the snow was building up in front of the groomer faster than I could clean it out, so I had to give up without finishing the bottom section. Not sure what we'll be able to do next week if the forecasted temperatures are correct, may have to wait for cooler weather.

January 26, 2018
Went over most of the trails this morning with the groomer, the upper trails are in pretty good shape with still some ice and small bare spots. On the lower trails, the city crew did divert some of the overflow from the lower pond back into the ditch, there are still some bare/muddy spots and we need more snow but considering the weather the skiing is not to bad if you watch where you’re going.

January 22, 2018 
Went over most of the ski trails this afternoon with the groomer, the upper trails are mostly ok with still some ice and bare spots. The lower trails around the ball diamonds are mostly ice from overflow from the lower pond, not much we can do there until we get some good snow. Hopefully the City can soon come up with a plan to get the water back in the ditch.

December 26, 2017
Had several inches new snow so I rolled the all the trails again this morning, also made one loop with the ginzo groomer to check it out. Other than two wet spots from springs on the upper north loop and some areas on the spring loop that make the trail a little more narrow but are passable the trails look good and should be good skiing.

December 24, 2017

Rolled all the trails again today, the snow had set better than expected from yesterday and the trails now are in fair to good shape with still a few thin spots and  a few icy spots.

Regrettably someone drove a razor up the west side road  by the tennis court and out on the ski trails to the north end then back again we’ll need more snow before we can fill in those ruts. I did pull the city’s chain through the post and attached it with a wire but I don’t have a key for the lock so  we’ll need someone next week to lock the chain to stop others from driving up there. If we get the snow they are predicting for tonight and tomorrow I’ll roll the trails again Tuesday.

December 23, 2017
Rolled the trails for the first time this morning. We still need more snow there are some wet spots, some thing spots and some grass still above the snow, but if you're careful it should be ok to ski. I plan to go over the trails again tomorrow afternoon if it works out. 

 December 6, 2017

To All,

The trails are in good shape going into winter. The City has mowed, we have a new bridge and several new culverts on the spring loop, quite a bit of brush clearing has been done, the machines are currently at Mountain Mod for repairs and prep, the wands have been set and flagged, we even have a little snow, not quite enough for me to ski yet, but some folks have been skiing the last few days.  We've re-routed the lower trail due to flooding from the pond, we'll now go across the ball diamond area and out to the trail, I think this will work fine but let me know if you have concerns. Please let me know if you will be able to groom this winter so I can come up with a schedule later in the month. I plan to begin rolling the trails when the machines are good to go and we get some more snow. Jeri and I are looking forward to another good year of skiing out there with everyone.


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