City Parks

hooper-springsThe City of Soda Springs offers five beautiful parks with playground equipment, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, a youth fishing pond acres of hiking trails, and a frisbee golf course surrounded by beautiful creeks, wildlife, and scenery.

All of our Parks and Pavilion can be reserved by calling City Hall at 208-547-2600. 

Fees for Pavilion Reservations-

Park Pavilions Fees are non-refundable
City/Kelly/Hooper Resident/Non-Resident
                (under 50 people - 1/2 day) $15 / $30
                (under 50 - whole day) $30 / $60
                (over 50  - 1/2 day) $25/ $50
                (over 50 - whole day) $50 / $100
                (under 50 people - 1/2 day) $10 / $25
                (under 50 - whole day) $20 / $50
                (over 50  - 1/2 day) $20 / $40
                (over 50 - whole day) $40 / $80

To learn more about the individual parks and the amenities they offer. 
The City of Soda Springs offers Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals  
BBQ Grills $25.00 Plus Refill Propane/ $10 delivery fee
Cross Country Skis $5.00
Disc Golf Discs $5.00 Plus $10.00 deposit per disc
Horse Shoes/Volleyball & Net/Basketball $5.00
Sound Systems $50.00 fee plus $150.00 deposit

Can I reserve park fields or other facilities?

The pavilions at City Park, Hooper Park, Kelly Park, and Octagon Park can be reserved for your gathering. Other areas at all other parks are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Sports facilities including baseball fields and basketball courts are also available on a first come, first serve basis with a few exceptions. The baseball fields and soccer fields at Kelly Park and City Park are home fields for the City Recreation Leagues. These fields must be vacated for scheduled league games.

Can I take my dog for a walk in the city parks?

Of course. We simply ask that you be a responsible and considerate dog owner.

You must keep your dog on a leash. Some people prefer to not be approached by even the nicest dog. Dogs are excited and unpredictable when meeting other dogs and children. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for the actions of your pet. Be cautious and in control at all times.

Also, please clean up after your best friend. You may think it’s not that important, but what if everyone walking dogs felt the same way? Soon our streets and parks would be covered in you-know-what. Use a plastic bag to cover your hand, pick up the offending matter, turn the bag inside out so the waste is securely inside it, tie up the bag, and toss it in a trash can. We also encourage you to keep your dog away from the trash cans, so he is not tempted to come back later and tip it for a midnight snack. Thank you in advance for helping to keep your City parks clean and pet accessible.

Unfortunately, we have had a great deal of vandalism done to the buildings and facilities. Vandalism is a senseless act of destruction that costs the City’s taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. Hours of labor and it's expensive to restore structures to their original conditions if that can be achieved. Restroom facilities are unlocked in the warmer months of May-August during daylight hours. Bathroom facilities are closed during the winter.

All City parks close at nightfall. If you notice any vandalism, or any suspicious activity in our parks, please notify the Soda Springs Police Department as soon as possible. During business hours call 208-547-3213 and after hours call 208-547-2561.



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