Ski Trail Conditions

December 3, 2020-Current conditions no snow on the ground currently. We will update when it has snowed.

December 23, 2020 

Ice rink fair to good.  New ice, some scabby ice, bumps, and chunks. 

Ski trails, poor to fair.  Scant  base, some bare spots, and vegetation not covered.  2 inches new snow

January 5, 2021- Good to better. 4 - 6" new snow groom to soft base.  No classic tracks cut yet.

Ice rink good (after snow removal).  Getting lots of use and citizens pitching in to shovel

January 11, 2021- Trails have been groomed, No new snow.

Ice rink- Good still lots of use by citizens.

1/15/21--The Kelly Park trails were freshly groomed as of 11am, Friday, January 15th and the skiing should be really good.  Come out and enjoy!

January 18, 2021--Poor to OK.  4-6”  old snow, grainy and fast for ski skaters and classic.  A couple of bare spots, but entirely skiable.
Skate rink : good.  Plan to resurface with colder temperatures this PM.  Both getting a lot of use!

January 24, 2021--Ski trails good and better.  6-8 " new snow packed based with fresh snow covering.  Soft base throughout
Ice rink good.  Citizens pitching in to keep snow cleared

February 2, 2021--Nordic trails:  OK to good.  4-12 “ base, hard pack in places, no classic tracks due to depth of snow. Despite old snow conditions remain stable.
Ice rink:  Good.  Minor surface defects/bumps (1/4 – ½”)  Remains clear of snow by volunteers!



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