Direct Pay Sign-Up

Direct Pay Authorization

On the Direct Pay program you will continue to receive a monthly bill by mail, in time to review it for accuracy and to make sure you deduct the correct amount from your account. On the 10th day of each month, your financial institution will transfer the amount due from your designated account. When signing up for Direct Pay, please continue paying your bill as usual until you see the "Direct Pay" printed on your bill notifying you that it will be paid automatically. The first month after you have submitted your direct pay authorization you will still need to pay City Hall due to the first month is a test sent to your bank to make sure all information is correct.

I (We) hereby authorize my financial institution to make my City of Soda Springs utility bill payment from the account indicated below. I understand that I am in full control of my payment and if I (We) decide to discontinue the Direct Pay Program, I (We) will immediately notify the City of Soda Springs at (208)547-2600. Please check the box below for your signature authorization.

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