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The City of Soda Springs public transportation is offered through the Pocatello Regional Transit (PRT). There are no regular bus routes available, rather it works by calling and scheduling the bus as you need, there is a fee. The PRT offers citizens of Soda Springs transportation locally as well as to Caribou County as a whole, Bear Lake County, and Bannock County. Whether you need a ride to a friend's, a doctor's appointment or to go shopping the PRT can help you get there and home again.

If you need transportation to further locations or cities the Salt Lake Express offers many options for reaching nearby locations such as Idaho Falls, American Falls, and Twins Falls, as well as locations as far away as Salt Lake City, Utah, Boise, Idaho, Helena, Montana and even Jackson, Wyoming. The Salt Lake Express pickup station is located in McCammon at the Chevron Gas Station. You can arrange for the PRT to take you to the Salt Lake Express bus stop in McCammon if needed.

PRT Rider Guide

Contact Information:

Pocatello Regional Transit (PRT)
Phone #: (208) 234-A-BUS (2287)     

Salt Lake Express:
Phone #: (800)-356-9796

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