Greenfield Trust Soda Springs

Soda Springs Greenfield Environmental Trust

Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp – Soda Springs Plant Superfund Site, Soda Springs, Idaho
Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust LLC, trustee of the Multistate Environmental Response Trust (Multistate Trust), is responsible for owning, investigating, cleaning up, and facilitating the safe reuse of the ±547-acre Kerr-McGee Chemical Corp – Soda Springs Plant Superfund Site, in Soda Springs, Idaho (the Site).

The Multistate Trust is a private, independent environmental response trust created as part of a bankruptcy settlement and dedicated to:

Protecting human health and the environment by addressing contamination at the Site
Selling or transferring the Site to facilitate beneficial, community-supported reuses
Providing opportunities for meaningful community involvement
The corporate parent and sole member of Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust LLC (Multistate Trustee) is Greenfield Environmental Trust Group, Inc. (Greenfield). For more information, visit the Greenfield website. 

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